Managing CAD data with CATIA V5, MS- Excel & ARAS Innovator

RIALTO is no longer available and was replaced by CAD Inn'

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CAD Inn est un outil pédagogique permettant d'illustrer les problématiques rencontrées quand on souhaite faire communiquer un outil "métier" (ici CATIA V5) et un système d'information PLM (ici ARAS Innovator). Excel est également utilisé pour permettre de gérer en local et très simplement les informations transmises entre l'applicatif et le système d'information.

Download the latest version

Download an example (Original cad data from CERN)

Download other examples and education materials

What is CAD Inn ?

CAD Inn' is a tool as simple as possible to manage your CAD datas locally and with an ARAS Innovator server, as shown in the video below :

Partners & Contact

The project is supported by : Minerva France

To get more information on this project, to support this project, to send your contribution or to submit your use cases, feel free to contact Pascal Morenton

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